It’s all About Changing the Form!


According to women’s audio mission; the percentage of women working as professionals in audio and media is about 5% where the majority of this percentage are women from the western world, the case might be less than 1% here in Africa.

This is due to the limited level of awareness and opportunity created for women in these fields.

The general myth has been that audio and media production and design are basically a man’s field and the women working in this field have either been sidelined, not taken seriously or most time not celebrated publicly especially in Africa.

Fortunately that perception is about to change!

Audio Girl Africa is here to create a network and support system for African girls in audio production field (existing and soon to join) by providing resources, trainings, internship offers and school opportunities.

Welcome to a whole new world of endless opportunities for African women in audio.

Remember, Nothing is impossible!

“Creativity is an art of the mind, not an art of the gender…” – FÉBÈ


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