What Audio Engineering Is Not!


The misconception about audio engineering has been around for ages and will still be unless we begin to address them as the myth that they are!

  1. Audio production is all about carrying speakers and connecting cables. Definitely not true! Just because something is an essential part of something doesn’t make it the whole thing! “Receive wisdom”
  2. Audio production or engineering is only meant for boys/ men! …Haba! Let me stay here a while! This is the greatest lie and the most common one I personally have been told when I wanted to start out my internship in audio production. My dear “creativity is an art of the mind not an art of the gender” It is true we have more men in this field but that doesn’t mean there are no women doing exceptionally well too! don’t let anyone stop you from being what you have always wanted to be, even if you fail at it at least you tried and you’d have learnt a lot from your journey. Better to try and fail at it than never try and wishing you could have. And who said you’d fail! Give it a try! It’s all about creativity and a passion for sound creation and you’ve got what it takes! Be the next Audio Girl!
  3. You don’t need an education to be an audio producer/Engineer! *be humble, sit down* As much as I appreciate creativity and as much as it is being highly celebrated, nobody is truly self-made, either directly or indirectly they were influenced and trained by something somehow. my dear audio girl, either through YouTube, short term trainings, internships and proper degree, get an education any way, it is very important! It is engineering and production we talking about here! Learn the terms and the language of audio production! Don’t add up to the number of audio quacks we already have! Get an education, trust me, it is worth it!

That said, kindly remember that you can be anything you set your mind to be!

Nothing is impossible!

Watch out for the first ever audio Girl training camp in Africa!

Date and location will be communicated soon! Stay tuned!


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