Audio Production: A world of Endless opportunities


Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Ever wondered how all the chart topping music and sound tracks were created and how they came to be? Who created them? How? Where?

The movies you go to the cinemas to watch like the game of thrones,Star Wars, and countless others. Have you ever wondered what makes them feel and sound so real.

The accompanying sound tracks and effects!

Have you ever wondered if this where created by humans or aliens *lol* and how where they able to create the exact feeling expected by just soundtracks, effects and design.Well, welcome to the world of audio production! Yes audio production!

So many people think a degree or internship in audio production ends with sitting in a studio making loser beats, taking coffee while mixing boring songs and carrying speakers and boring set ups bla, bla, bla.

Well girl! Let me introduce you to a world of endless opportunities!

I know you’ve probably read a basic definition of what audio production is.

Audio production involves all stages of production that goes into the creation of music/sound/audio, from inception to end (sequencing/recording, mixing, editing, adding effects, mastering).

Yes! This is true but behind this definition is a world of massive and exciting opportunities!

This is one degree I know of that enables you to work as a creative in almost any industry that require sound, music and effects to promote! And virtually every industry does! At least if you think you need to market your brand (Talk about the 737 advert by GT bank, yeah right!)

I can’t begin to talk about all the things you can do as a creative person with a degree in audio production!

Let me just leave this here for you!

Here are a list of all the careers you can venture into with a audio production degree.

  1. Recording Engineer
  2. Audio Engineer
  3. Foley Artist
  4. Acoustic Consultant
  5. Fashion Sound Producer
  6. Sound designer
  7. Production Sound mixer
  8. Mixing Engineer
  9. Mastering Engineer
  10. Sound Editor
  11. Foley Mixer, Foley editor
  12. ADR Mixer
  13. Live Sound Engineer/technician
  14. Lighting design and technology
  15. Production design and management
  16. Theatre: design and production
  17. Audio visual technician
  18. And so many more..

That’s a lot to choose from! You may say, but think about it as an endless stream of opportunity opened up in front of you!

Is there any other I am living out, kindly mention below in the comment section.

Check out for the next blog! As I would be explaining some of this careers and their requirement!

Still thinking of a career to settle for girl! Think audio production! Unlock the creative power in you!

Like I always say, Nothing is impossible!

Have a great week ahead!


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