Live Sound Systems: Splitters



Stage Splitter box

As it is popularly called is used to send/split audio signals from a given live sound set up to two different mixing consoles creating two different and independent mixes. Majorly called the Monitor/Stage Mix and FOH (front of house mix).

This gives each engineer individual control of their mixes of the same audio signals without affecting each other.

There are also headphones splitters which also help send same audio signals to two different headphones.

Our main focus here is the Stage Splitter box.

FOH mix –

known as front of house is usually a mix for the audience. mostly positioned at the center towards the audience area, here’s a typical outdoor FOH setting, showing the mixer board.

Another simulation is the control room of a studio serves as the FOH to monitor what goes on in the recording studio.

The Stage / Monitor mix

As the name implies is a different set up for what goes on on the performing stage, where you have all the musicians and singers. This is handled by a different mixing console usually placed to the left side downstage.

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