This week’s #myaudiogirlstory Interview with Queen Tori #WCW


We love it when we see women do excellently well in a field mainly dominated by men! Especially as Audio professionals!

Here we have today, one of our Bad Ass Audio Girl ? Queen Tori! A Sound Engineer here in Lagos, Nigeria!

We were opportuned to reach out to her and her response was exciting! Thank you Queen Tori for sharing your story with us!

So Audio Girls, let’s get started!!??‍♀️ #weruntheworld

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Q: How did your story with audio Production start?

Tori: My interest in audio engineering began because of my love for singing and music in general. I became curious about what goes into creating the music that I love so much and subsequently went on to get a formal education in Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute.

AGA: what did you do before becoming an audio professional?

Tori: I was Head Administrator for a couple companies/organizations before going to school to study Sound Engineering.

AGA: What do you love most about audio production?

Tori: The way all the different pieces come together to create something that’s not only listenable but moving as well.

AGA: How did you hear about us?

Tori: Audio Girl Africa followed me on instagram.

AGA: what do you think about Audio Girl Africa?

Tori: I think encouraging girls/women to pursue careers in audio production and shining a light on those who do so as a way of letting others know that they can do it too, is admirable.

AGA: what projects are you working on currently and those you’ve done in the past?

Tori: I currently work full time as a Sound Engineer and some of my day to day involves recording artists and live bands in a studio environment. Unfortunately I cannot name names at the moment as these are works in progress. I can say that I have been privileged to record Tjan on his song “Aduke” and “Your Smile”, Cobhams Asuquo on his recent single, “One Hit”, Flavour on “Virtuous Woman”, and several others. I also record and produce a weekly podcast called “The TOP 12 Countdown with Cobhams Asuquo”. There are 50 episodes so far all of which are available on Soundcloud. I’ve also scripted and produced radio ads for a few companies.

AGA: What are you Proudest of?

Tori: I just feel grateful for my journey so far. I think I have been particularly blessed and I am thankful for God’s Grace in walking me this far.

AGA: What are you curious about?

Tori: I’m curious about many things!

AGA: What are your hobbies?

Tori: I love watching movies, binge watching TV shows; especially sitcoms. I enjoy reading novels too.

AGA: what advice/tips do you have for Audio Production beginners?

Tori: The more you do, the more you learn, the better you get.

And that’s all from Queen Tori! I hope you were inspired!

You can follow her here on

IG: @iam_queentori

FB: @tojutuedor

Twitter: @queentoree


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