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We love it when we see women do excellently well in a field mainly dominated by men! Especially as Audio professionals!

Yay, Another Bad Ass Audio Girl ? Tolu! An Audio Engineer here in Lagos, Nigeria! She started her audio journey about 15 years ago! And has been consistent with her craft.

We finally got a chance to hear from Tolu and have her share her story with our global village …Yay!!

So Audio Girls, let’s get started!!??‍♀️ #weruntheworld

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Q: How did your story with audio Production start?

Tolu: It started with my love for music, I began with a training in studio recording in 2003 (in Ibadan). Then I went to study Music Technology for 2years at The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

AGA: what did you do before becoming an audio professional?

Tolu: Nothing. It’s been audio since 2003 (15years ago)

AGA: What do you love most about audio production?

Tolu: Trouble shooting and Improvisation

AGA: How did you hear about us?

Tolu: I met the founder at a Pro-Audio seminar

AGA: what do you think about Audio Girl Africa?

Tolu: It is an informative and empowering platform to foster females in the audio industry.

AGA: what projects are you working on currently and those you’ve done in the past?

Tolu: I’m currently a freelance Audio-Engineering in Broadcast Audio and Post production. In the past, I have worked as a full time Intern/audio engineer at EkoReelmix Studios in Lagos and simultaneously studied Sound and Music Production at MTI in Surulere. I was not big on music production but I found my strength in the technicalities of it. So I went for Live Sound reinforcement. Few years later, I got in to broadcast audio works at Ultima Studios.

AGA: What are you Proudest of?

Tolu: Solving problems and training others.

AGA: What are you curious about?

Tolu: Cutting-edge Systems design for Digital audio networking


AGA: what advice/tips do you have for Audio Production beginners?

Tolu: Be profound in the theory of your interest. Read extensively.

And that’s all from amazing Tolu! I hope you were inspired!

You can follow her here on

IG: @iamtolusound

FB: Adejumo Taiwo Tolulope


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