10 easy steps to making your first beat!


You’ve been wondering how people make dope beats and you can’t get past just staring at your DAW interface on your computer wondering where in the world do I start from?

Hey! Relax, remember it’s a creative process and there are no fast or die hard rules to it. Each producer you’ll meet always has her or his own unique way to creating her unique sound.

It could look like magic sometimes for a beginner but with consistent practice and a will to never give up you’ll get there… That said…

Okay, so we asked one of our BadAss Audio Girl Oladunnie (Music producer and Artiste) to share with us simple steps a beginner can follow to creating their first beat!! So Yay! Here we go!!

  1. Firstly, know what type of sound you want to make..is it afropop,hiphop?rnb?or rock?..thats the most important part. Whatever you are about to create, there must be a name to it right? And someone somewhere has created something like that before which you can learn from, unless you are trying to create something that hasn’t been done before, which is quite possible, but even at that you still need to gather information.
  2. Get an example of the type of beat you want to make..say for example you want to make an afropop beat, find an afropop song u can listen to…
  3. When listening to the song, make mental notes of what kits (what are kits/samples? ) instruments were used in making the beat..the type of kick, snare hihats, piano, etc.
  4. Then Try to Figure out the Tempo of the song too, Never forget to Turn on your metronome..very important.
  5. When all the above mentioned are set, then u can start creating..you can create your beat in line with your sample song as a beginner.
  6. But do not forget to add your own Sound to what you are creating so that you can be unique.
  7. Another important information that you must not forget is Quantize, make sure every instrument you play and record is well quantized..
  8. And as you play every instrument, do not forget to name them in their respective channels..this will save you a lot of confusion and stress.
  9. Also, do not forget to save Your work..Depending on what Software you use,(some come with AutoSave).but i would advice u Don’t take any chances and always save as you work..
  10. when you are done creating, always play your beats along side, popular songs, this can be daunting at first.. But trust me that as you continue creating you will find that your beats are getting more professional.

So here’s one side to it … Remember these are no rules as there are none when it comes to creating your own sound…

There are a whole lot of resources that is just a google search away or a YouTube link away, go with what works for you and learn at your pace but don’t stop working at it. It doesn’t matter if your beat doesn’t sound great at first try… it normally doesn’t… but with much try you’ll get better at it… So let’s start creating Girl!

feel free to share with us in the comment section how you create your beats.. let’s hear from you…?

Here are some go to resource links you could try out to help you on your journey to making awesome beats! Remember go with what works for you!


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