Who is a Sound Technician? Careers in Audio



Hey guys! It is another Monday.  Oh wait , it is actually the first Monday in November.

Happy new month Audio Girl!!

We will be exploring other careers in audio production and in recent times, we have discussed sound engineering, music production and tips on audio recording.  Today however, we will be discussing and learning about SOUND TECHNICIANS. Yeah! i know you are as excited as i am to learn so let me do the honors.

A sound technician uses the sound board and other equipment to ensure sound levels are correct and the sound is well mixed. Their job is the finishing touch to the artists performance , guaranteeing that the music sounds good for both the performer and the audience. The duties of a sound technician varies according to the industry in which they are employed i.e radio or television broadcasting. A sound engineer also functions as a sound crew chief, system engineer, FOH technician (front of house) for us beginners,  monitor technician or stage technician. lol, do not be scared, all these jobs can be handled by one person but on a larger production scale, these roles will be filled individually.

So right after learning the various functions of a sound technician, I say we pick one and elaborate.


System Engineering : A system engineer often referred to as an “audio engineer” is a professional trained in the mechanics of mixing, recording and reproducing sounds. The system engineer  often will fill the role of the FOH technician. The system engineer also assists in designing the sound system for the event or tour. The interesting part is there is a high demand for experienced system engineers. So lets get cooking guys!

It has been educating right? Please leave a comment in the comment section to educate us more on system engineers if you have ideas and information.










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