5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For CAP (Creative Accelerator Program)


We had an exclusive interview with Audio Girl, Audrey/Aramide who is currently running her internship at Audio Girl Africa and Azusa Productions.
Check out her interview on youtube!

In her very own words, see 5 mind blowing reasons why you should sign up for the creative accelerator program 2019. If you are afraid of charting new career path then don’t read this as this might change your mind!


Test New Waters / Explore New Interests

I know it sounds cliché as that term is as old as earth itself but I find it daunting and encouraging when it is said.
You never know how much passion you have for some things until you try them out and in other cases, you might pick a new interest from what you signed up for originally.
CAP 2019 is running for a month and I see it as an opportunity to explore a new territory. You may have an affinity for Audio tech but because you’ve never been provided a platform to discover this, you shy away from it. This is an amazing opportunity to make a life long decision concerning the future and career.



You have no idea how giddy I get knowing CAP is a couple of weeks away.
I’m looking forward to training and learning with the biggest brains in the industry. You definitely should be that excited too. I mean, imagine the amount of information you get to process , the tons of project you get to work on, then overdose of knowledge you’d be giving your brain as a gift.
I definitely am not the only one in this bubble.
CAP is cutting across courses like music production, sound design, live sound, mixing etc Think of how badass you become, loaded with enough knowledge in whatever course you apply for? Super badass that’s what!
As a matter of fact , you don’t have to be well versed in audio tech for you to attend. So come with a fresh brain and load on knowledge and if you’re somewhat versed? Oh lord! Imagine the other things you get to explore in your field . The fact that you get the opportunity to learn, network (you never know who you’d meet) and create is basically mind blowing.



The rate of unemployment is so high, I wonder just how long it will take us as a nation to understand that breaking from the career norm is probably the best thing yet to happen.
CAP is providing a career channel where you get to make use of the skills and knowledge you get from attending the program.
The offers of internships, mentorships and scholarships is too hard to pass.
It is quite daunting not having lots of women that can match the ratio to men in this field, this is an avenue for you to grab a seat and pave your way in the industry as an Audio engineer and if there’s no seat left, we bring our own seats. Take one for the team!!




I work as a stage tech and there’s nothing like too much knowledge, which is why I’m jumping onboard the CAP ‘ship’. For most people who already practice Audio tech, this is the chance to hone your skills.



There are less than or approximately 5% female Audio engineers in the world and it is quite weird. CAP is offering a chance to develop yourself as an Audio tech engineer and as a person. Most of us are not yet in the head space that we as women, can be whoever and whatever we want despite what the society thinks. How better to figure this out than being in the same room with women who will motivate you to discover yourself just as they are.


So what else are you waiting for? Welcome to a world of great possibilities! sign up for CAP 2019 here

Write Up by: Aramide Audrey Bada. Audio Girl Africa


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