5 Great Qualities you can learn from DJ Cuppy



You can’t have a cupcake in your hands and be sad, and she’s got plenty!!!

You know who I’m talking about. Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy is a prominent DJ, producer and also an amazing entrepreneur.

Asides from the fact that she is simply amazing, here are five great qualities you can learn from her.

1. Consistency:

#CuppyOnAMission as she always says, the amazing superstar Dj has over the years carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry, never deterring. Amidst finishing her education, DJ-ing since the age of 18, launching the London-based music management and content production business, Red Velvet Music Group, DJ tours, she has created way more than a brand for herself and inspiring us along the way. 

Talk about someone who knows what she wants and is out to get it regardless. It’s a long time coming for this amazing Audio Girl who has been in the game for almost half of her life and keeps giving us her best all the time. Gracing prominent stages while touring the world Cuppy has performed at SXSW Festival and starred as the resident DJ on MTV’s ‘Uncommon Sense’ Show, most recently she graced the stage at the BET Awards Show and also hosted red carpet interviews, talk about some boss moves right here.

We cannot also forget how she has dropped hits ‘hot hot’ for us. Jams like Green Light, Abena and much more.

DJ Cuppy’s consistency is quite admirable and dare we say she is at the top of her game.

2 – Unafraid, Unbothered, Unwavering, Undeterred, You name it.

Trust Nigerians and backlashing, DJ Cuppy has faced a couple from the ever roaring social media. Regardless, she politely yet ‘savagely’ lets all of them know that she doesn’t entertain all that bad energy.

She is the definition of positive energy, no matter what is being thrown at her, she rises above it like a queen that she is, doesn’t take no for an answer and would certainly not shrink her dreams to make you feel cozy. Some of us could use some #cuppyvibes in dealing stuffs thrown at us. Thank you next … lol. 

So for anyone trying to make DJ Cuppy feel bad, keep ‘em coming! 

She is DJ Cuppy and will keep on going. 

3. Passionate:

DJ Cuppy has always been on a whole different level as a passionate young woman. A mogul at a young age, she’s trying to reach milestones from time to time. 

She has achieved a number of heights though ambassadorial appointments, charitable engagements supported by GTB Bank and the Dangote Foundation, as well as interning at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

She is very passionate about life and her work. In her own words at an interview with hunger tv, she said,  “I’ve been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some of the most famous people in the world, but I always try to understand their passions. Passion is essential to inspire. Spending time with people always makes me fall in love with music again.”


In July 2018, DJ Cuppy launched the “Cuppy Foundation”. She started out with helping people with disabilities who were seeking university educations. She successfully achieved that with the free education she offered to three people who are now students of UNILAG.

She has pledged to always be willing to give more people more opportunities. Way to go Girl. 

Youthful and fun

What is a “DJ Cuppy” without her youthful vibrance and ever fun self. Hosting the Cactus on the Roof party is one way we can spell it out. A party for nightlife enthusiasts and for her to connect with her fans (her Cupcakes)

Likewise, she’s sometimes seen on social either teaching her grandmother how to do the ‘shaku-shaku’ or hosting other parties of course.

We can’t think of any other word to describe this Amazing Audio Girl, other than Intriguing.

Cuppy = Happy, Vibrant

Way to go Cuppy.

We sending Love and light your way DJ Cuppy! Keep winning and keep inspiring!



PS: what comes to mind when you see DJ Cuppy up on your timeline. tell us in the comment section below.



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