I’m a hustler imma imma hustler….lol

It’s October and that means the year is about to end, and I know that like me, you still have goals you fill you are yet to hit especially finances. I’m talking money… more money.

So how can I create more channels to make more money and attain financial freedom as a creative. So how do I make that happen …. let’s talk side #sidehustle


I personally get the fact that we all mostly want to thrive on passion sometimes, but also on the same level, your passion might not be earning you as much money as you like in the beginning  and that can be pretty depressing, and in my case, I really, really like making money and spending it. So I have asked myself for what point I have to get to, before I choose to have something on the side. And I know it feels like cheating on your main thing but it’s not, because getting a side hustle is harder than you can imagine, especially when this main thin g you’re doing is consuming all of your time. 

Side hustle for a long time is an avenue where you make extra money outside a day job and gradually has turned into a life style. There is basically no scenario where people don’t have a side hustle away from their 9-5, in fact, people have side hustles inside side hustles (many cookies in the tin kind of situation) which I find fascinating. Having a side hustle gives you freedom to pursue your passion and lower financial worries.

I am going to list out reasons why I think you and I need a side hustle, so stay with me.


Personally, I love to have financial security and I’m going to ahead and think it is the same for everyone, because, I mean who doesn’t like to have money right? Staying glued to just your day job is quite unfulfilling especially when and if it doesn’t pay well. So having more than one thing on your plate gives you some sense of security and empowerment, where you can as well adapt and learn some other skill and being empowered never goes out of style.

Note that, your 9-5 can also be classified as a side hustle, especially for creatives who are looking to save up money from their day job to push their passion.


I have always said the greatest motivator is money and responsibilities. Bills don’t listen to passion, they don’t listen to exposure. They just want to be paid when the time is due! Imagine hoping to pay your bills with exposure without the hope of money coming in from any angle. So when you consider the fact that you have to live and pay bills, you have no choice but to take up that side hustle. This could also help you build wealth. For people who earn from their side hustle, main thing and passion, there is nothing like too much money and so help me god! That is my favorite thing in the world. Financial security is unbelievable sexy!

IT COULD TURN TO A JOB YOU LOVE (if that’s what you want)

It is pretty easy to find passion in something, especially if you enjoy it so much. Not many of us woke up to like what we do now at first. In fact I was pretty confused as to what I really wanted and I looked for a long time, did other stuff till I figured out that connecting cables and working live sound may just be my soul calling career. Imagine if you’re a 9-5 person and you do video editing on the side. Says who that you don’t end up loving video editing more, because you basically enjoy it. Which is why, I always said it that if you’re a 9-5 person looking for a side hustle, go for freelance.

Something that won’t stress you with deadlines or schedules and gives you time and freedom to discover other things you might love.

So I’m going to stop here for today and I want your opinion on why you think you need a side hustle.

I do love feedbacks and would like to hear from you… tell me about your hustle and your side hustle? And if you think you don’t need one and why? Or any additional thoughts … let me hear it! So leggoo…..