10 Creative Skills You Never Thought Could Be #Sidehustle

It's no longer a myth, you've got what it takes inside of you to make the money you need!

Empowered to stay creative

Everyone is got a #sidehustle these days, whether it's a 9-5 job or just a freelance skill you picked along the way. I'm not gonna dwell on that. I want to talk about those who want to swap their tiring #9-5 side hustle for something more flexible that still pays the pill and keeps hope alive and those who are confused as to what to do when it comes to choosing a #sidehustle that won't stop you from focusing on your passion. Trust me, I know how it feels when you can't do what you truly love due to survival.

The truth is you can make money from almost anything today, no matter how ridiculous it might sound, and I'm gonna show you some of these things that you probably know how to do but didn't know you could make cool cash from it. Let's get started.

Setting up Home Studios

As simple as this might sound, this is a very interesting way to make side money as a music creative, all you require is to understand how signal flow works and know how to do basic set up and trouble shooting and you make money from helping people set up their home or recording studio.

PS: I used my friend's picture here cos I just like it, sorry Dunnie..lol

Rent Out Audio Gears

You could make a full blown business out of this! but let's start with just renting out  some mics and headphones or just some DI boxes, invest a little money into getting this Audio Gears and then set up a rental service. Thank me later!

Content Writing

You could start a music blog, or write for other music blogs, create articles. If you have some experience about the music industry you might like to share you can give this a shot! write for other blogs too!The pay might be per article or you ould be employed as a freelance writer, either way, stick with what works for you.

Soldering Cables

This is one thing I'm hoping to learn myself, you'd be surprised at how much you can make from just cables. Cables are an essential path of the Audio engineering world. Think about how many people, churches, events need better cables but don't know where to get it from.

Music Administrative Work

Are you one of those witty creatives, who loves book-keeping, management, and proper planning. You could make money by doing some admin work for your creative friends, trust me, on an average, creatives are the most dis-organized people you'll meet, that's why they require a strong management team around them. See if you could function as a freelance admin manager


Editing artist sessions, drum tracks, vocal edits, tuning vocals up to a professional standard is a very cool way to make some money on the side. If you have a studio set up, good ear and you are proficient on any DAW, you can do this too. This pays quite well, depending on who you working for, and if you have a laptop and headphones, you can do this from almost anywhere!

Disk Jockeying

This is a full time job but can also pass as a side hustle for someone who is a music producer, engineer or just someone who loves to arrange songs and create killer playlists. If your friends are always requesting for your playlists and even strangers, you might want to consider picking up DJ-ing as a #sidehustle, make money buy creating party playlists for people to buy, you could be an online DJ too!

Create Youtube Tutorials

Are you an on-screen person, who loves to share insights and DIY tips, you can start a tutorial / lifestyle vlog on youtube, make money from creating engaging content, you can also create an online course, teach people what you know, on platforms like udemy, skillshare, audiomogulhub. Create to make money! 

Event Planning

Especially if you are into concert production and Live Sound Engineering, you can make this one of your major #sidehustle. If you love to plan and strategies. You'll need people skills and management, if that comes naturally to you then you are one step ahead. Not to mention that since you are in charge of the whole event you get to call the shots and make more money than you would normally make just working as a Live Sound Engineer.

You Tell Me..lol

I'm gonna leave this last one as an open check, I want to hear your thoughts too as there are a lot more things I can't mention that are everyday skills we use that we never thought we could monetize. So if you've got a unique one you'd like to share please feel free to drop a comments (head on to our Instagram page to do so), I'd sure would love to explore more.

What other creative but seemingly "everyday" skills can you make money from?