Passion VS #Sidehustle

Bada Aramide Febe Adedamola


Would you choose your #sidehustle over your passion if it pays more?

As a creative, who's passionate about what she does, I do find this a bit challenging too and I do ask myself? In a situation where let's say I'm a music producer on the rise, but I work a 9-5 job as a #sidehustle in other to pay the bills and save enough money to fuel my passion. say this #sidehustle now takes more of my day time and you are left with night hours to work on your passion how do you keep this up? So your passion doesn't end up as a "I used to...blah blah blah" sorry case. 


  1. Set a target and be consistent with it

Trust me your passion is worth the pain. I understand that most times our survival instincts push us to do things that we most likely don't like 'cos of bills and other responsibilities and we kinda get stuck in this mode for a long time.

Don't get me wrong, a 9-5 job is not a bad idea as long as it pays the bills but when it is a #sidehustle and it takes about 9 hours of your life everyday and gives you little time to work on your passion that you forget that you took it to fund your dreams. So I'd say, make a list of the things you need for your passion say, "I need to have my home studio and build my clientele-base in a year so I can start off".

Then I set a target for myself, I'm going to work for a period of x years, to save up for this goal. Open a piggy bank account or get a trusted friend, could be an accountability group too to hold you up to your goal and stick with it!

2. Sis, know thyself!

There’s no way to get around it, succeeding at something you are passionate about, especially if your passion lies outside of your day job(#sidehustle), takes an immense amount of work. So I'd suggest you study yourself, figure out what other skills you have that can fetch you enough money on the side and give you ample time to focus on passion, this my friend is what I call "FREELANCE"  You never can tell, there are tonnes of other interesting skills you have picked up along the way that you didn't know could help you kill two birds at once (time and money)

When you think of your #sidehustle as a fuel for your passion, then it becomes easier to see how you can monetize those skills from a freelance perspective, and this can help you elevate money problems and give you some sort of financial security.

Think of your #sidehustle as a fuel for your passion

Talking about Freelance, so for example, someone like me, whose passion
is live sound engineering, if I needed to make more money, I’d take up something like video editing,
jingles, podcasts, track editing and even photography, "if I suddenly have the passion for it." You know, just anything that I can do in my own time, earn money from, learn and allows me make it down to a concert set up in time, without much hassle. Who knows, your freelance skills might end up being something you become more passionate about, the more we grow the more we learn, so keep exploring!

However, if you are still thinking of how to balance things out especially your passion I suggest the next thing on the list.

3.  Use the most available resource "social media"  to create a personal brand

Around what you are passionate about! Create meaningful contents, make videos of yourself making a beat or doing something towards your passion, don't be afraid to put out content, that way people get to see what you do and you build meaningful networks and clientele base that at the end of the day who knows, Your passion would be so sufficient that you might not need that "9-5" job/ #sidehustle you dislike so much to survive anymore! 

Regardless, it will be all worth it at the end of the day!