When Should Your Side Hustle Become Your Main Hustle 

Article by: Susan Anike Akinpelu

When Should Your Side Hustle Become Your Main Hustle 
Now that we have established the importance of having a side hustle and its benefits, have you ever thought of when to drop that nerve wrecking, slow paying main hustle you have. Not everyone can confidently admit to loving their 9-5 life and this is why some people end up having businesses on the side in order to either 'get that schmoney' as I like to call it or make ends meet, which pretty much sums up as the same thing. Along the line, your side hustle begins to bring in that income you need and you're beginning to consider taking it up as your career and in some cases, if not all,

it is that dream job you've always wanted that became your side hustle anyway.

 Trust me, we can all relate, and if this is you, you are not alone. The reality is that this is attainable and here are some points on when to take the leap and take on changing your side hustle to your main hustle. 

living the dream!

Living The Dream

Amazingly enough for some folks, the side hustles they choose are usually stuff they always wanted to do and dreams they've had for a while but just can't live on it right away and ditch everything else. There's nothing as motivating as loving what you do and enjoy doing it. It might not seem like reason enough but someone once said you can achieve whatever you want to if you set your mind on it. 

So when you start making enough money from that dream 'side hustle' it's about time to make it your main hustle build a full blown career out of it and start living the dream!

money in the bag

Once your side hustle begins to fetch you more than the regular pay you get from your salary paying job. It's time to take that leap my dear. 
Yes, you heard right. Some have come, they’ve seen and you bet they conquered. 
Sufficient Market
A good sign to observe is when your work is getting recognized by people and gaining attention.
From the small projects done for the small number of clients you have acquired, your work begins to reach other people and gain traction. If your work is turning into numerous job offers than you can possibly handle, then you might as well take the offer of expanding your side hustle and making it your career. 


Another thing to consider is if You Have Mastered The Art of What You Do

 This is a major factor to consider when you want to make your side hustle your main business. At some point after sharpening and honing your skills (which doesn't end by the way), you should be able to determine if you are good enough, major influence on this is the reviews you get from clients. If you get enough good reviews, deciding to choose your side hustle over your main hustle seems achievable.  
Enjoy the journey, create moments along the way!

Above all, I would not suggest jumping into anything for the sake of just passion alone, however, if you've done the work, built the brand and found the demand and profit to be there, then it's likely time to go all in.


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