This is the most uncommon career/ job/side gig I’ve ever come across and it is weirdly important and psyching.

I’ve been trying to figure out who compiles music for The Vampire diaries. That person is a super music genius.( free promotion for them right now)

Wait! Before I continue, you have to understand that i am not referring to composing music for film/movies.

PS: That's our next topic.

Compiling has to do more with songs / music already sung by other artists. The process of compiling, involves fixing a particular song or a mash up of songs in a scene or scenes.

I have been in love with one song for 7 years now and that is Ron POPe’s "a drop in the ocean

Ps: I’d tell you the scene, but if I try to do that, this entire piece will be about vampire diaries.

* I was a total emotional wreck the first time I listened to the music. Not only because the song in itself is emotional but the fact it depicted and improved upon what was going on in the scene. it literally drove me wild with emotions. It brought out the whole emotional reaction, vampire diaries was trying to evoke from its watchers and I think that's super genius. 

# I mean who wants to watch a bland movie devoid of any action or at least some emotional rollercoaster.

Let me explain the power of compiling to you.

The Absolute Power of Music Compilation

The absolute power of music is to evoke a reaction or chains of them. Make you feel the emotion behind the voice and lyrics of the singer. Now imagine, that being inculcated with a scene(s)

Knowing what music to fix at what scene is another skill on another level.

Imagine, there’s a scene where the boy calls the girl to express his feelings and the music inserted in the scene is The Migo's "motor sport" Yeah , I agree with you for calling it crazy or a scene where a car is tumbling down a bridge into the ocean and you play Davido’s Fall!( They are technically falling. So…)



Making money with this as a side gig.

If you are a music enthusiast or encyclopaedia like me ( thank you very much) 

wait for it...

  • let me toot my horn...  you literally can give me 20 scenes right now and I’d fix appropriate music in each scene for you. (Enough about myself)

So if you are by chance a music enthusiast, then this is definitely a side gig for you. I know people (me again) who will do a mash up of 20 songs and compiling in one sitting and to them, it is more of a hobby and since 2020 is about making money with your passion, hobby, skill etc. I suggest you get to it. (I probably should too )

write to film houses, directors, producers, get the script and let them know this is actually a thing.You should also add that it reduces the cost of getting a solid artist to compose and record music tailored to the film.

More importantly, if you have a good compiled playlist, you have no need to compose music for your film.

I cannot wait for y’all to explore these opportunities.

PS: if you have links or a link to these side gigs, please share it with the community.

Writer: Audrey


  1. This is really beautiful 😍😍
    This just made me agree that a musician you can’t be broke because there are so much opportunities

  2. I never knew this is actually a side gig, I listened to music for fun but cashing out with it is extra cool. This is good read Audrey, keep it up.


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