How To Get The Most Out Of The Mentorship You Want


Mentorship is a great way to scale up and ease your way through your career path.

 Especially if you are working in a fast paced industry like the media and entertainment industry, the hustle and bustle is real! nailing a mentor who is also a creative person and super busy can be a long shot but you can get it, let me show you how. 

Mentorship is a two-way street, it works well when both parties receive value!

1. Appreciate their work

Before you go all out with your request to that potential mentor, you might want to sit down and do a proper check as to why you really would love them to show you the way. Process the projects they are working on currently or that they have worked on that inspires you. When you decide to reach out to them, (for example, in a mail) be honest and real about your intentions and why you seek mentorship from them and include what you've been able to do on your own. This way, you might stand a better chance at getting their attention. (*Keep it as succinct as possible)

Don't be out there shouting "be my mentor" like you are asking your mama for some why? lol

2. Value exchange

What exactly will you be bringing to the table, mentorship is a two-way street, it works well when both parties receive value from each other. Just like every other 'ship', it requires work from both parties, even though more is expected from the mentor because they are way ahead, look out for a way you can also be of help to your mentor. If you are hoping to build a long lasting relationship with your mentor, ask yourself what's in it for them? know what they care about the most, serve them some important information that might be useful to them. Nobody wants to be in a one-sided relationship. Do your best to be a valuable person.

What are the strengths you have that can be of benefit to your mentor?

2. Be proactive and productive

Stop waiting for hand outs, your mentor is not your lecturer. Remember that they are also super duper busy and so you have to be as clear as possible as to what you want from them. Ask productive questions, not the ones you can easily ask google, hello! 

Instead of asking them how to make a beat, (The University of YouTube can help you with that) do this, send them a file of some beat you were able to create and ask them for their opinion, that way you get the best out of them, you might get lucky, they can show you how they make theirs and guide you through their process. That's how you do it!

3. Work on your own stuff, develop yourself 

Mentors are not teachers, lecturers or therapists, they are more like career coaches! So don't expect them to be all that for you. As a matter of fact, if you need to develop yourself, get a training, go to google, YouTube, learn and keep learning.

Before you reach out to a mentor, make sure that all the basic things about your field, you already know them, like been there, done that, if not, silently stalk them on social media and let them silently inspire you.

There's always this confidence that comes with honing and working on your stuff, and then you can begin to have meaningful conversations with your mentor.

4. Mindset Shift: nobody owes you sh*t 

Stop feeling entitled! The earlier you realise that, the better for you. Be more empathetic in your approach, because one day, you're gonna be in their shoes and I know you, you'll get real nasty when someone shows up in your dms like "you don't even respond, you are too proud, why don't you want to be my mentor, it's not like I want money, it's just a small request, blah blah," 

Your mentor is super busy and has a tonne load of stuff he/she is dealing with, so be grateful when they take out that time to respond to your requests and spend some time with you. Infact treat every moment you get with your mentor like you just won the lottery. Appreciate them always, gratitude is never be too much.

5. Be ready to pay it forward.

It's an ecosystem baby! you won't be there if someone didn't show you the way, so at every point in time, you've got to be willing to share what you know with someone else, show others the way and one way you can do that is to look out for communities like ours and volunteer. That's what Audio Girl Africa is all about, to be a part of this community, kindly follow the link below, reach out to us and see ways through which you can get involved! We are better together! Until next time stay lifted.

We are better together!


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